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The Power of Paper Writing in Our Lives

Printing papers which are used for magazines, newspapers, catalogs, stationaries and business forms get about one third of the pulp from woods using a mechanical process. These papers are also known as writing paper which is further divided into four main categories according to the United States that are uncoated free sheet paper, uncoated mechanical paper, coated free sheet paper and coated mechanical paper. The printing paper should match up to certain quality and standards like the substance used, brightness, opacity, ash content, moisture content, durability and its tearing strength are all checked first.

Types of writing paper

They are mainly of three types that are fine paper machine finished coated paper and newsprint. The fine papers are based mainly on chemical pulps that are used for Bible paper, inkjet paper, thermal paper and coated fine paper. The coated paper is coated by a polymer to impart certain qualities to the paper like weight and smoothness that are used for offset printing. The newsprint is a non-archival of low cost consisting mainly of wood pulp and most commonly used to print newspapers and other publications. It is generally made by a mechanical milling process.


The printing papers can be used by small children to research scholars. This is a basic entity of everyone’s’ lives as writing is indeed the most powerful tool that we have, to either express our feelings or to convey some piece of information therefore printing papers obviously play the pivotal role in our lives else where would we write. There are some online sites also available that provide service to the people in helping them write the papers especially the research papers within the stipulated time. For that they charge a nominal fee from the people.

Writing things down on a paper literally puts our thoughts in black and white. We can clearly see everything we are dealing with. Just imagine what our lives would be without the tool of paper writing.