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Tips to Use E-Liquids Better Than Before

With the rise in the popularity of vaping, vapers are always looking for ways to improve their experience. There are several things that they have to keep in mind like buying the right equipment, choosing best eliquid, and using these in the right way. When it comes to maintaining your equipment, you can find several guides and tutorials on the internet. What is lacking is a guide to help you use e-liquids better. Given below are some ways in which you can do just that:

Make Sure the Flavor is Cleaned Out

Strong e-liquid flavors might be fun to vape but they tend to stick to the device long afterwards. In order to make sure that your e-liquids are not degraded due to the lingering flavor of a previous vape, clean the equipment well. You must do this after every time you vape with a strong flavor.

Shake the Bottle

Like all liquid products, e juice too can do with a good shake every now and then. This ensures that the flavor is distributed all throughout and be as flavorful as they can be. Make sure that before you shake the bottle, the lid is tightly closed.

Mixing PG and VG

The choice of PG and VG is important when it comes to how to choose best e liquid. Although PG liquids are more popular in the vaping community, they can be mixed with VG based e-juices to get that sweet sport that you might not be getting from just one.

Regular Cleaning

Some e-liquids like the ones that are darker in color can leave a residue often and might even clog up the atomizer. Therefore, if you generally use e-liquids that have a darker color, it is a good idea to clean the e-cigarette regularly.

This will make sure that your device doesn’t turn blocked, sticky, and ineffective over a short period of time.